Monday, March 25, 2013

Start a new world

It's been a while I stopped writing a high quality article, I don't know why it's very hard to start write something in my blogs. What I do is just bought some automatic method to create articles for my blog. To be honest  I really wan to write my own articles with my own hands, but sometimes it's very very hard to write something, I stacked after write few words. I just lost the ideas after a while in front of my computer and my fingers become freezing to touch the keyboard.
Sometimes the ideas come very heavy flooding my head, usually it happen when I riding my bike. I realized that there is no other way to beat the search engine except creating some high quality articles and give value to the reader.
I have tried many technique creating articles with some crappy tools, the result is all my blogs are deindex and go down to google sandbox. At first it's fun to make something so easy and earn fast money from many cpc programs but it didn't long lasting, only last for few months then all my blog is no more appear on search engine result. I'm wasting much time and money doing it.
Starting from now, I promised to my self to stop doing such thing, and start a new world that free from spamming..I want to start learning how to write a high quality articles. Start to get gather many ideas around my head.. It's really really hard to start something new but I shall try it anyway.
Just like now, I almost give up writing something, it's really hard to get the ideas of writing, especially 500 - 1000 words. I know many People have ability to do that easily, it' because they have been doing it for many years and get used to it. Yes.. what I need is practice..practice..and practice., just like a wise word, "practice will make perfect".
Some experience people always said that the most important thing is the 'process", as long as we do the process, it will make something valuable.No matter what , the "proccess" will teach us to make something better.and guide us to success.
Hope this can make me "out of the box" and again create a new world for me. bye my past.
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